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Mission Statement:    Listen    ·    Deliver    ·    Stay Within Budget


Listening to your Client:

Newly licensed, Robinson was a design architect at a prestigious firm when the Principal told him to prepare his plans for an office visit by a powerful University Regent. As the three later met in the architect's conference room, the Regent asked the Principal to discuss his approach to the project. Unfamiliar with the concept, much less the details, the Principal turned to Robinson and asked the young architect to explain the design. As the meeting adjourned, the Regent thanked Robinson and rewarded him a year later with his first University project, after he opened his own office. The lesson was clear: listen to your client and stay involved.


Most firms will tell a client they can meet ambitious schedules, but there is a huge quality gap between what different firms can actually deliver to meet those deadlines. The very best architects are thorough, well coordinated, and produce a well detailed and thoughtful set of design and contract documents. These top firms are in constant touch with the client, ensuring that no vital part of the program is missed. They know that ingenuity and creativity are expected to be part of the design process and they ensure that their total design team knows the issues and is responsive. They give the client their best efforts all of the time. We take pride in being one of these top performing firms.

Staying within Budget:

During interviews we often have a slide that illustrates three construction cost components: Quality, Quantity and Budget. We explain that the architect must have control over at least one of these factors and we further explain how this office manages cost control for every project. Without disclosing our secrets, we have a long and very successful record of estimating and delivering project bids within the budget.


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